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    PART 2: The Chase (photos THE CHASE 1 to 5 in my album)

    Having found out what type of aircraft the AI police use, and knowing the flight characteristics of the VAN RV-6, there is only one plane that can outfly the VAN and still run clandestine missions, YEP the C-46 Commando!!. I decided to fight the Law in my next clandestine mission.
    It took awhile, but I finally found a mission from a depart airport that the C-46 could safely takeoff from it. The mission was from Hana airport to Pepeekeo airstrip. I had no intention of landing at that airport, this was a fact finding encounter. I took off and climbed to 3,500 feet and headed for the destination. At 25 miles out from Pepeekeo the AI police made its appearance and then vanished again. I made no attempt to evade and continued on course.
    Having had optimized the C-46 for the best cruising flight (except i left the throttle at 100%), I was doing a speed of 196 knots, when the law made its second showing. I still continued on course without any change in speed or altitude. The closest the AI aircraft got to me was 0.7 of a miles then the gap began to widen again.
    When the distance had reach 3 miles, I decided to mess with the AI police by setting the fuel mixture and props to 100% and throttled back to 80%. This slowed my C-46 down so that the gap began to close again. When the AI aircraft was just 0.2 of a mile away I again optimized the Commando then dove for a lower altitude which opened the distance again to 3 miles.
    Having proven that escape is possible, the next thing I wanted to learn was whether the AI police would give up the chase at altitude above 100 feet. I circled around the AI aircraft and headed back towards Hana airport. When the distance reached 8 miles and the AI police continued on the chase, I decided to land at Upolu airport with its lighted runway (which makes it easy to line up with it to land).
    Once I landed, I exited the C-46 and climbed the slope of the mountain south of the runway to await the arrived of the AI aircraft which continued after me. When it finally approached it began to circle not the Commando but ME! in its attempt to arrest me. It crashed instead, and I took the photos CHASE 4 and 5 and then exited the mission.
    Lessons learned:
    1) The AI police will continue to chase you until you fly at an altitude below 20 feet for a period of time.
    2) You can outfly the police VAN when your destination airport can handle the C-46 Commando's landing distance of 1600 feet.

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    Wow, that is complicated. I just climb up to 8,000 feet. Good experiment though.
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      There are a number of different ways to do the Clandestine cargo missions in MS Flight, including the way you documented.

      Most of time I use the C-46, but switch to the Carbon Cub for really short, difficult runways.

      Here is the way I do it.

      1. Fly 5 minutes BEFORE dawn to get the largest number of points and have more light when you land at your destination.
      2. Don't point directly at your destination until you get within 5 miles.
      3. Configure the whale for fastest flight speed of 207 knots by setting the prop back to 80%, and stay under 1000 feet. I usually fly about 200-300 feet just to keep it interesting.
      4. Use the "autopilot" on the C-46 which means use the mouse to fly small incremental changes after you trimmed up and configured for fastest speed.
      5. Do a good landing by knowing how to achieve a good approach speed of about 85 knots.
      6. Remember the runway approach vectors of your destination so you can plan a easy landing.
      7. Remember you can get the whale to take off from almost anywhere using flaps and limited fuel, and if you are slow enough on the approach, land almost anywhere.

      PS: I use my own C-46 repaint called the "Clandestine Cargo" for these missions.
      "Having fun with friends! "


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        It depends on why you're flying Clandestine Cargo...

        If you're doing it for the challenge, then any way you do it can be fun, and both Loony's and Coasts's ways work in that respect.

        If you're doing for sheer quantity of eXperience Points, then try this:
        1. Always fly a C-46.
        2. Always start your flight 5 minutes before dawn (as Coast says).
        3. Always fly Atka-to-Adak or Adak-to-Atka (the two western-most airports modeled in the Aleutians).
        4. Between 30 and 18 miles to go from your destination, always fly very low at between 40 and 70 feet over the sea.

        If you do all that, you'll see the Feds when you're at low altitude and they'll disappear immediately, you'll be in daylight for most of your flight but still get night points, and you'll reap (IIRC) around 27,000 XP every journey.

        And Coast's Clandestine Cargo livery is a must! Here are two side-by-side...


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          I've flown about 30,000lbs of clandestine so far.
          I do some flights in the C46 only if I am very familiar with the destination airport but 99% of my clandestine runs are in the Maule.
          The paint I choose for clandestine runs is one of the Add On paints (not sure who designed it) it is sort of chalkboard colored black with a red pin stripe so I call it the Darth Maule.
          If I'm flying over water I maintain an altitude of less than 100 feet, if I'm over land I keep it just above the treetops.
          The Maule will cruise at 150kts +/- and when you are really low and you get to about 25 nm from your destination the pursuit plane will briefly appear and vanish before your copilot even has a chance to warn you about it.
          The few times the pursuit plane has locked on me I've out run it about 75% of the time. It takes some pretty wild flying to do so. I get down below tree top level and when the police get within 0.3nm I bank sharply ( hard enough to get the copilot to grunt due to the G forces and warn about damaging the cargo) I pick up a little altitude with the bank but as soon as I level out I drop back into the trees, this will let me pick up a few 10ths of a mile on the pursuit aircraft. As soon as it closes the gap I bank again. I will continue to fly a series of sharp S turns eluding the police and closing the distance to my destination until I get to the 5 mile checkpoint. As far as I can tell , once you clear that checkpoint the chase is over and the police will not bust you.
          I've made some very hard landings , really auguring in and the clandestine cargo has never been damaged.
          The strangest run I've ever had was flying clandestine through the Alaskan mountains and the terrain elevation was increasing much faster than I could increase altitude without breaking the 1000' limit. I ended up landing on a glacier and then driving up the glacier at 20-30kts , I made it over the saddle and down the other side of the glacier until I picked up enough speed to become airborne again. My copilot was screaming at me the whole time. I still made it safely to the destination. The Maule is especially fun to fly when you are dropping down the side of a mountain approaching 200kts and the thing is bucking and shaking, feels like it is about to come apart.


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            While I applaud your efforts in determining the best way to outrun the AI Cops, and I really do, I appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

            This is how I beat the cops.... Fly the entire mission at 12000 feet. Rarely will you even see a cop, but if you do, dive toward the airport.

            See my videos Here


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              I also go to 12,000 ft with the C-46 and fly directly to the destination. I have never been intercepted yet. The law seems to ignore the C-46 because they can't catch it.


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