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Escaping the LONG arm of the Law!

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  • Escaping the LONG arm of the Law!


    You can escape from the AI police after the second encounter during a clandestine mission if you have nerves of steel. Some background info first, I
    was flying a mission from Old Harbor to Kodiak Municipal on Kodiak Island. If you take a look at the photo in my album called the escape map you will see my original flight path (green), my route between the two encounters (red), and my escape route (blue). When I made the 1st contact with the AI police aircraft I took a token effort to elude it, then quickly turned back on course for that long valley northward. I was flying at an altitude of 500 feet, when the Law made its second appearance. I rapidly dove for the water and leveled off at 50 feet.

    As the distance between the two of us narrowed, I start to check both the Gmap app and the top down view trying to find a safe route to evade the Law. When I looked up again at the HUD my altitude was 15 feet and slowly descending still. After saying "#$%^%^", I pull up slightly but stayed under 20 feet. Meanwhile, the gap had narrowed to 0.2 of a mile as I flew between 15 and 20 feet above the water. This continued for a short amount of time when I noticed that the gap began to widen to 0.3 then 0.5, then when the distance reached 0.7 miles, I check the top down view and YES the AI police and given up the chase. I quickly turned about and shadow the aircraft.

    The AI police aircraft headed straight for my destination. I then thought that it was going to jump me as I made my approach to the airport. But no, it flew past the airport for 2 miles and began to circle at that point. Being curious as to what type of aircraft the law enforcement was using, so I climbed to 3500 feet and approach the plane. I took the photos called THE LAW 1 & LAW 2 that are in my album. It turns out the aircraft is a VAN RV-6 in the enforcer paint scheme. I then broke off contact and finished my mission.

    I felt that the reason the AI police left off the chase was because it couldn't safely dive in front my aircraft and make the bust. I was proven right in my next encounter with the AI police. Coming up next: PART 2 the chase.
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