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Players Choosing Aerocache Locations

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  • Players Choosing Aerocache Locations

    Many can agree that Microsoft Flight is an amazingly beautiful game. From the cloud colorations at sunrise to the sun reflecting off of the water, its scenery is unlike any other flight simulator. Now, I'm not saying that Flight is better than all of the other simulators, it's just more laid-back. When Microsoft announced that they were stopping all further development on Microsoft Flight, it was a shock to many of the game's devoted fans. Fortunately, Microsoft also announced that they would continue to support Flight.

    One of the many activities in Microsoft Flight is aerocache hunting. Aerocaches are small floating triangular icons that a player must fly through or near to acquire. These icons are hidden all over the map, some more difficult to find than others. There are two types of aerocaches, permanent and daily. The location of the aerocache of the day was not originally chosen by players. Since Microsoft's decision to stop all development on Flight, smaller development tasks like choosing the location of an aerocache have been eliminated.

    To cope with this, Microsoft decided to allow the public to choose the location of an aerocache of the day. I witnessed this when I logged on to grab the aerocache of the day and its description mentioned the name of a player that I knew. That player was houston144, and he had shown me a cool spot by the Hilo terminal. It was an overhang that was high enough off the ground that you could fly a plane underneath it. This was the location of the aerocache of the day, which verified that it had been chosen by houston144.

    I decided to do a little research to see if I could find out how to submit a location. Here is what I found: CLICK HERE

    This was surprising to me, because it stated that players could now vote on which aerocache of the day they thought should become a permanent one. I have yet to figure out how to submit my own locations, but when I do I will post that information here.

    Thanks for reading,

    Thank you Waterman981 for finding out how to submit an Aerocache. If you would like to submit an Aerocache, just visit this link.
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    Looks like this post details how to submit your own Aerocache's
    - Michael
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      I have submitted many Aerocache locations to Microsoft. About eight of mine are in the permanent list at the moment. It is fun to search out good locations and do the internet research for some fun facts. If it has not been pointed out yet....The Latitude and Longitude can be gotten from the portable radio located in the lower right cockpit of the Stearman.


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