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how are DCS ww2 piston aircraft/combat?

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  • how are DCS ww2 piston aircraft/combat?

    I was interested in getting the P-51D next sale I see to try out ww2 combat in DCS. Have any of you guys tried these older planes in DCS? I'm wondering if DCS did a good job with ww2 style dogfights? Also I see the P51 is their oldest model....are the newer releases noticeably better like the P47 or some of their German models or is the P51 still a solid choice for my first one? Here's a list of their ww2 aircraft sorted by release date: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...te_desc/apply/

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    I own the P-51, the Spitfire and the P-47. I think the P-51 is the best and most complete of those three. The thing I learned the hard way about DCS is that everything is basically in a different stage of incompleteness and there seems to be no real consistency in regards to what a complete aircraft package is. Just take a look at their list of modules, damn near everything is in Early Access (a fact which is completely missing from their Steam store pages) and they are all in different stages of Early Access. Some modules that are in Early Access are damn near complete, others are missing very basic things like damage models. Some will come with campaigns, some won't. Some will come with a wide variety of quick start scenarios and training flights, some don't. This is the case with modules released by ED themselves and not just differences between third party modules. Some modules have gone years without updates and are still listed as being Early Access (the Yak-52, for example).

    But as far as the P-51 itself is concerned, it's a great module that is basically complete. Plenty of scenarios and a fun but challenging campaign that also serves as an expanded tutorial. There are also plenty of training flights available and I found them to be quite well done. There are also a lot of third party campaigns that have been created for the Mustang, though the quality of them varies by developer. You will get by just fine without it, but it really helps having the WW2 asset pack and one of the WW2 based maps. Of the WW2 maps available I would personally recommend The Channel, but improvements are apparently being made to the others as well.

    The T-51 is available for free if you download the base DCS game. It's the exact same aircraft as the payware P-51 minus the guns. I would recommend downloading that and jumping in the T-51 first before spending anything on the P-51.

    My personal top 5 DCS aircraft:
    1. Mirage 2000C
    2. AJS-37 Viggen
    3. P-51D Mustang
    4. AV-8B Harrier
    5. Mi-8 Hip
    Steam Group:
    YouTube Channel:


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      Thanks, I'll get the p51 next sale I see. I bought the Mirage from a past sale but I never got into it because everything including the training missions were so complex. I put it off for sometime in the future where I could invest a lot of time in to learn the thing. I read people recommend Chuck's Guides for DCS so I will give his pdf guide a shot for the Mirage. Apparently the Mirage has had some pretty big updates and he just updated his guide about a month ago to include all the new changes.


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        The Spit is a bitch to get airborne. It is like riding a bike. One you get it though it is much easier, but never easy. Once in the air, the spit can take on anything from the era. The Mustang is better at multi role.

        They are not as complex as the Modern jet fighters but the do have a big learning curve. They are all more like PMDG aircraft than Carenado aircraft. My next a/c to learn if I ever get time will be the F/A-18.


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