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My first repaint

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  • My first repaint

    I've been loving the A2A Cessna 172 since I picked it up last week. I thought I would give a try to doing a repaint that I can call my own. I was having problems at first, but now have the process down. Now I just need to learn how to make fancy line art on the side of the plane.

    So this is based off of one of the A2A designs in the paintkit. I adjusted most of colors, added my avatar to the tail, changed the number, and added stripes on the wings. I'm not sure if I'll keep this as a final design, or change something. I want to keep it simple, yet reflect me.

    (Full size images here.)

    Once I have finalized it I'll post it so anyone with the A2A 172 can see me in it during group flights.
    - Michael
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    I like it. Is that your custom N numbers as well?


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      nice job... I recently got into repainting aircraft and its quite fun... ill have to post some of mine too
      Justin Johnson

      Any questions about the VA send me a message.


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        Thanks guys!

        Originally posted by WarHawK View Post
        I like it. Is that your custom N numbers as well?
        It is. I've been using that number since we started calling out our intentions.

        It was based off this paint:
        - Michael
        Check out my cockpit build!


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          Nice job, Waterman. Very classy, even if it is a premade. You will get the hang of it and make one you can call your own. Keep it up.

          I like it when we learn about modifications in FSX.
          Greetings from Dale
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            Great Job Waterman! I've got to learn how to repaint... Haha
            - Mulder



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              That's really nice Waterman, I enjoy the tail art. HAHA.


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                Careful!, this is how it starts! The Never ending need to paint!

                Looks great by the way.

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                  Very Nice!
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