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SIMCOM Auto Switch TS3 Channels using the Radio Stack

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  • SIMCOM Auto Switch TS3 Channels using the Radio Stack

    All my software is now located at

    SIMCOM will let you auto switch channels in Teamspeak 3 when you tune frequencies in your Flight Simulator.

    Handy for people who were having the problem of not being able to switch views while using FSX.
    Also handy if you want to fly realistically switching frequencies in your aircraft whilst talking to real Flight Sim ATCOs.

    A small video of what this Teamspeak addon does is below.

    There are a number of versions of this plugin knocking about but the originals are below.

    (For the 32bit TS3 Client only, nothing else needed.)
    Download the latest version here.
    Built by me (ATC_ROO) from code supplied by D Dawson of FSDeveloper (thanks Doug).
    Uses SimConnect and requires nothing other than the 32bit TeamSpeak 3 client.
    This is not a 64bit plugin so will not work with the 64bit TeamSpeak client.

    1.Download and open the zip file from the link above.
    2.Double click the Teamspeak installer inside the zip file.

    (For both the 32bit and 64bit TS3 Client, FSUIPC is needed)
    Download the 32bit version here.
    Download the 64Bit version here.
    Created by Andy Parish to work with All FSX versions as well as FS9, P3D and XPLANE.
    Uses FSUIPC so that will need to be installed too, the free version is fine.

    1.Download the correct plugin above for your Teamspeak version (32 or 64).
    2.Double click the files you downloaded to install.

    Some browsers may show these files as a zip file.
    They are actually installers and need to have to extension .ts3_plugin

    To test the TeamSpeak server must have a frequency in the channel name.

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    Version 1.2 now available from the link above.
    SIMCOM now shows both Active and Standby frequencies in Teamspeak.

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      Version 1.3 Now available showing the squawk you are set too and displaying what it means if a Special/Emergency squawk is set.
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        Version 2.0 is now available.

        Version 2.0 now gives the ability to switch channels as long as the frequency is within the channel name.
        So extra information can now be added within the channel name for example "123.45 Manchester Tower" or "Manchester Tower 123.45 (Steam)".

        I have also added extra info which is displayed on the Right hand side of Teamspeak as in the Picture Below.

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          Version 2.2 is now available

          There currently only exists a 32bit version of the SIMCOM plugin and so the 32bit Teamspeak Client is needed.
          The 32bit Teamspeak Client will run as normal on a 64bit system.

          What you need to use the Plugin...
          The 32bit Teamspeak Client
          The Latest SIMCOM Plugin
          FSX (Boxed or Steam) or P3D (P3D is Untested at this time)

          I now have SIMCOM doing everything that I set out to achieve and I have no further plans with this plugin.

          That said I have passed the code I used on to a developer who is hoping to create a 64bit FSUIPC version.

          So for those that are running the 64bit Teamspeak Client I'm afraid you will have to wait a little longer.

          Features of the current and Final (unless I get bored) Version...

          Pilots can automatically switch channels in Teamspeak by tuning their Aircraft Radio.

          Tower Controllers will not switch channels allowing them to move and speak to other controllers.

          The Pilots ATC CALLSIGN is displayed in Teamspeak
          If no CALLSIGN is set then the aircraft registration is displayed as the ATC CALLSIGN.
          The Pilots AIRCRAFT REGISTRATION is displayed in Teamspeak unless it is their CALLSIGN
          The Pilots SQUAWK is displayed in Teamspeak
          The Pilots COM 1 & COM 2 ACTIVE frequencies are displayed in Teamspeak
          The Pilots COM 1 & COM 2 STANDBY frequencies are displayed in Teamspeak
          The Pilots QNH in both hPa and Inches is displayed in Teamspeak
          The Pilots ALTITUDE is displayed in Teamspeak
          The Pilots AIRCRAFT TYPE is displayed in Teamspeak
          If a special SQUAWK code is set the meaning is displayed in Teamspeak

          I'm hoping by creating this plugin I've not only made it more realistic during ATC handovers, but more pilots will learn how to set their Callsign, Altimeter and Squawk Code correctly.

          The SIMCOM plugin is available to whoever would like to use it but please keep it freeware.
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            Good News!
            After creating this Plugin I've had numerous people contact me asking for various features.
            The most popular was a 64bit version.

            As FSX is 32bit I was only able to create a 32bit version as I based my Plugin on Simconnect, but I was contacted by A Bristol Flight Sim Community who said they would like to use my code and try and create a 64bit version.

            Well Today I have been sent an email to say that they have managed it by using FSUIPC instead of Simconnect.

            So a 64bit TS3 Plugin is now available which will switch Channels in TS3 when a frequency is selected in your Flight Sim Radio.

            Their plugin works with FSX, FSX SE, XPLANE and various other Flight Sims.

            I know at the moment this plugin is only available to members of their community but I will get more information soon and I'm hoping to have something posted here for all to download very shortly.
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              As promised I have been sent a version of the plug in and the go ahead to share it.
              Please find a link to both plug ins below along with a link to a webpage explaining how the SIMCOM plug in came about.

              My personal webpage with the Simcom Information.

              *****Download links*****

              32bit Teamspeak*SIMCOM Plugin*Created by Me (ATC ROO) for FSX, FSX STEAM and P3D.

              How to install..*
              1.unzip the program from the zip file you downloaded.*
              2.Double click the installer.*
              3.Job done, Open Teamspeak and start switching channels when you change frequencies on your radio.*

              64bit Teamspeak*BFSG SIMCOM Plugin*Created by Andy Parish for FSX, FSX STEAM, P3D and XPLANE.

              How to install..*
              1.If you don't already have*FSUIPC*installed, install it now (the free version is fine).*
              2.unzip the programs from the zip file you downloaded.*
              3.Run the vcredist_x64.exe, This may already be installed on your system but if it's not here it is.*
              4.Run the BFSG_SIMCOM installer
              If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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                Hi, ROO,

                First off all, thanks a million for this very useful tool, that brings not only more realism to the flight simulation experience, but helps too to minimize the pilot workload mainly during approaches, when frequency changes should be done just with just a switch channel press in COM radio.

                Ive installed SIMCOM here and it is working fine! Nevertheless, I dont know if it sould behave like whats happening in my case: The channel switch in TS3 only happens if TS3 window is active.

                Let me show you with just three images:

                1) The user on TS3 is FSB1003. COM 1 is tuned to 122.80 and have 119.00 on standby display. TS3 shows the aircraft data, which are correct:

                2) Now, I need to press switch button on COM 1, which brings the simulator as the active window. After switched channel to 119.00, nothing happens in TS3 even when a press PTT button in the simulator active window:

                3) Then, Ive clicked in TS3 to bring it as the active window. Just pressed PTT button and there we go right :smile-new: :

                By watching your video about what TS3 addon does, I noted that it should not work like that. As long as the COM radio is tuned, TS3 executes the switch channel no matter what window is active.

                So, what should I do to make SIMCOM works independently of the active window?

                Best regards ...


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                  Send me your TS3 server address and I'll connect and have a look for you at some point.
                  If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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                    Originally posted by ATC_ROO View Post
                    Send me your TS3 server address and I'll connect and have a look for you at some point.
                    Sent my TS3 server to you via Private Message.



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                      Did you receive my private message with the TS3 IP server?


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                        Dear ROO,

                        Good news!

                        I was wondering about the issue and guessed it should be something blocking the communication between the simulator and TS3 client.

                        As I need to run my simulator as an Administrator, I tried to do the same with TS3 and... BINGO! TS3 started to autochange between channels acording to FSX COM radio regardless what window is active.

                        Im gonna do some more checks and, if everytning is all right, I come back here again to tell you.



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                          Hi, ROO,

                          The tests were well succeeded both with FSX and P3D v2.5.

                          Does it work with X-Plane X?


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                            May be a little late replying to this....

                            I think I did send you a PM at the time.

                            The 32bit will not work with Xplane as it is based on the Microsoft Simconnect libraries.

                            The 64 bit will work with Xplane as it uses FSUIPC.
                            FSUIPC will need obviuosly to be installed.

                            Hope that helps any others that find this post.
                            If you don't use BOINC or World Community Grid then you should!


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                              This looks like just the thing I was looking for. However, Teamspeak (64bit) refuses to load the BFSG 64bit DLL on Windows 10. I tried 32 bit version of TS3 and your DLL, but same thing. In TS3 plugins, I see
                              BFSGsimCom.dll (in red)

                              A message:

                              Plugin failed to load:
                              Failed to open plugin.

                    , I'm thinking it's maybe a W10 issue, but I can't see any permission issue. Do you have any hints that may help? Source code I could recompile locally? Cheers.


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