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GA Aircraft Across America Week 1

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  • GA Aircraft Across America Week 1

    Week #1 - KSAN-L08-L77-KBLH-2AZ1

    This series kicks off at San Diego International (KSAN). We fly 54 nm at a heading of 043 from the ocean to the mountains where we make a brief stop at Borrego Valley (L08). We wont spend much time at Borrego Valley before taking off again for a short 39 nm flight at a heading of 040 to Chiriaco Summit (L77). Once at Chiriaco Summit, we will take a short break before heading out bearing 082 for 50 nm to Blythe (KBLH) in the foothils of the Little Maria Mountains. Finally, we will take to the skys for the final leg of Week #1 for 56mn at a heading of 070 for our final destination of the week to Indian Hills (2AZ1).

    As the series suggest, this flight is for GA aircraft and should not exceed 120 knots.

    Flight Plans are provided for this series and you can download them from:!AvQ7WAqzl7-0gsYF...nlRPQ?e=XOZfNZ
    Be sure to grab Across_USA_Week 1.pln for this week.
    September 27, 2020 02:00 PM
    September 27, 2020 03:00 PM
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    I love the VFR narrative in your group flight description. I'll attempt to be there for the entire crossing.
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    Respects, Bob ...


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      Originally posted by ROBERT DUNN 2 View Post
      I love the VFR narrativein your group flight description.
      Very much like the in-game bush flight challenges, which I enjoyed. Good work Hawg!
      Take the time, a second to soar; for soon after, beckons a second more.


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