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Around the World Lap 5 - Episode 25: -- A cat named Wong Mau 1930 -- Thu 9pm eastern

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  • Around the World Lap 5 - Episode 25: -- A cat named Wong Mau 1930 -- Thu 9pm eastern

    Hi pilots! Looks like its time for another trip back in time in those majestic Herky-birds!

    Thursday night we will set the singularity drive to 1930 so we can head to Burma (present-day Myanmar) and deliver a very special passenger that goes by the name of Wong Mau the cat. This famous female feline is the cat from which all Burmese Cats are descended. We will deliver her to her new owner Dr. Joseph Cheesman Thompson who is waiting in Yangon to take Wong Mau back to his home in San Francisco.

    You might ask why would we need a fleet of heavy haulers just to transport one cat? In order to be sure that Wong MOEW arrives safely at her destination of Yangon, the singularity drive will allow us to carry each of her 9 lives in separate aircraft. Wong is also notoriously picky when it comes to food, litter, and her surroundings so we will need plenty of cargo space to accommodate her lifestyle.

    Thursdays flightplan is as follows:

    Cox's Bazar, Cox's Bazar Departure (VGCB)
    Mandalay Intl, Mandalay (VYMD)
    Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son (VTCH)
    Yangon Intl, Yangon (VYYY)

    A flightplan .PLN file for this flight can be found here:

    This flight will take place using JoinFS!

    As always with these Around the World flights the preferred aircraft is the timeless Captain sim C130 Hercules, but feel free to use any cargo prop that can maintain 250 KIAS at around 15,000 ft. Please do Not bring a jetliner to this event because they stick out like a sore thumb and are a distraction.

    Not sure what to fly?

    For those who don't have or don't want to fly the C-130, Storm was kind enough to document which are the best planes for these "Around the World" cargo flights. This should help you decide.
    • C-97 Stratofreighter Popular, quality freeware that comes with an installer (v2) available here, or without an installer (v3) but with extra models and separate optional extra mods and liveries here (look in the Cargo props section).
    • C-133 Cargomaster Largest aircraft with massive payload. Easy to fly (with practice). Keeps up with the C-130. Download it here (look in the Cargo props section; install both v1 + cumulative v1.3 upgrade). Warning: a small number of pilots have frame rate problems when flying this aircraft.
    • An-12 Most similar to C-130. Most extras (airbrake, autothrottle, paradrop). Russian annotations. Most difficult to fly. Download it here (look in the Cargo props section).
    • An-32 Most frame-rate friendly. Best cockpit model. Easy to fly except long spool time. Needs refueling on long flights. Download with an installer here.
    • Howard 500 Easy for piston engine pilots. Best climber. Tail-dragger. Performance tails off at altitude. Poorest frame rates. Download it here (look in the Cargo props section).
    • C-119 Boxcar Easiest to fly. Download it here (look in the Cargo props section).
      • Re-engined (French) variant: Faster. Normal climb rates.
      • Normal engine variants: Slower. Half the climb rate so gets left behind on short-medium length flights.

    Comparative flat-out speeds:

    Happy landings,

    Please visit my Onedrive:!AsFIlxhwmWg9gXDknswc2wPvdr1p
    April 6th, 2018 01:00 AM
    April 6th, 2018 03:00 AM
    Happy landings,

    Please visit my Onedrive here:

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    Won't make it today but I'm keen for the next one - will have my VIVE and new desktop up and running - super exciting! Have a good flight guys!


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      Here ya go the pictures of this flight ..........


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