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FSX: Sunday Brunch European Tour: Leg #2 (Sunday September 29th @ 12pm ET/4pm UTC)

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  • FSX: Sunday Brunch European Tour: Leg #2 (Sunday September 29th @ 12pm ET/4pm UTC)

    Flight Route: EHRD
    See the event forum post #2 for the PDF and .PLN flight plan

    Cruise speed: 150kts

    This tour will be using VOR's for navigation, so if you don't know how to navigate via VOR's, now's a good time to learn! If you want to learn how, check out a basic VOR tutorial I made here(I know it needs some minor edits):

    password for this flight will be the destination airport's airport code.

    To make this journey more interesting, I thought I would post interesting history bits for our various destinations:

    Flight 2 Rotterdam to Borkum

    We will be departing Rotterdam, Netherlands at 4pm UTC and arriving at the island destination of Borkum, Germany approximately 1.5 hours later, before which we will be making a short stop at Den Helder, Netherlands.

    Today Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe which was built upon the cities shipping traditions of many hundreds of years ago. During the mid 1300s a shipping canal was completed, which provided Rotterdam access to Amsterdam allowing it to become a local transshipment centre between Holland, England and Germany.

    The port city grew slowly for the next 300 years until it eventually became one of the six "chambers" of the Dutch East India Company during the early 1600's. Rotterdam was the seat of one of six chambers of investors that pledged start up money for the Dutch East India Company. The other 5 seats of investors were located in Amsterdam, Delft, Enkhuizen, Middelburg and Hoorn (all in the Netherlands of course).

    The investments by these 6 partners proved to be extremely lucrative who later enjoyed large profits from monopolies of various kinds. The Dutch East India company of the Netherlands grew to become the most valuable company the world has ever seen, estimated to be worth around 7 trillion dollars in today's money. The Dutch company eclipsed it's closest competitor, the British East India Company who carried a mere 1/5th of the tonnage that the Dutch East India Company carried.

    Continuing our journey East we will fly to the ZANDA intersection which will allow for nice views of another "chamber" of the Dutch East India Company, Amsterdam. Before arriving at our final destination in Borkum we will be stopping in Den Helder which sits along the more northern coast of the Netherlands. Due to Den Helder's strategic location at the tip of the North Holland peninsula, multiple fortifications were built in this area. Den Helder played an important part during the Golden Age of Dutch shipping. Ships would be assembled near Den Helder and sail from there to the world's oceans.

    Our final island destination of Borkum lies about 80nm to the east, and sits just off Germany's northern coast. Although Borkum is now mainly frequented by tourists, it had a difficult past. During the late 1400's Borkum became known as a centre of piracy and whaling. As whaling decreased in the late 1700's, the island suffered from poverty, loosing many inhabitants, before finally turning to tourism. In 1934, Wernher Von Braun conducted a series of successful rocket tests on this island. Von Braun would go on to join NASA and to develop the Saturn 5 rocket booster that took mankind to the moon. NASA themselves state that he was “the greatest rocket scientist in history”

    See you on Sunday for this little historic tour!

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    September 29th European Tour flight plan

    Find the PDF and .PLN flight plan below (Just copy the .PLN file inside your Documents\Flight Simulator X Files folder):

    Again this tour will be using VOR navigation, so if you don't know how to use VOR here's a little tutorial where you can learn how(or you can just follow the flock ):


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