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FSX: Airliner Wednesday (Wednesday September 25th @ 9pm ET)

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  • FSX: Airliner Wednesday (Wednesday September 25th @ 9pm ET)

    Continuing our North American journey, we will be leaving Minneapolis for Fargo North Dakota with the final destination being Winnipeg Canada. Departing at 9pm ET on September 25th.

    Cruise Speed: ~310kts indicated

    Flight Plan:

    See the event forum for a PDF flight plan as well as a .PLN FSX flight plan that you can load into FSX (Just copy the .PLN file inside your Documents\Flight Simulator X Files folder)

    KMSP (Minneapolis):

    Departing: 30L

    KFAR (Fargo) Elevation: 902 FT:
    Arriving: RNW 36 ILS FREQ: 110.30 HDG: 356
    Departing: RNW 36

    CYWG (Winnepeg) Elevation: 783 FT:
    Arriving: RNW 36 ILS FREQ: 109.90 HDG: 003

    The password for this flight will be the airport ICAO for the final destination.

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    Find the PDF and .PLN flight plan below (Just copy the .PLN file inside your Documents\Flight Simulator X Files folder):


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      FREEWARE Airport Scenery for this flight:

      KMSP - Minneapolis/St.Paul International

      KFAR - Hector International/Fargo

      CYWG - Winnipeg International
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        Hey Mike...

        Guess what day it is?

        It's Airliner Wednesday. Got ya
        Greetings from Dale
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          Hoping to make it tonight in my 737-200, have been sick for quite a while so havent been on Teamspeak, feeling better now so just trying to take care of a few things and hopefully will see you guys tonight :applouse:
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            thanks for everyone who attended, here are some screenshots. Nice bank Wingman!


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