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Aerobatic's Airshow 09/21/13 (9:00pm-11:00pm est) KOKK

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  • Aerobatic's Airshow 09/21/13 (9:00pm-11:00pm est) KOKK

    Hey all it is Aerobatic and my birthday is Tuesday so tonight I am going to host an Airshow at Kokomo Airport (KOKK) so come and join me and have fun while we celebrate my 16th birthday.

    1 if you show up be ready to be called on and please dont complain if i call on you and you dont want to go just go do a performance you will have fun.
    2 HAVE FUN
    3 you can fly what ever aircraft/rotorcraft you would like
    4 you can do one group and one solo but do not have to do both. if you want to do 2 solos or 2 group performances i will let you if we have time at the end of the show.
    5 do not be in the air while there is a performance going on. that is disrespectful if you are caught in the air when it is not your turn you will ask to either move out of the airspace or ground your plane. if you do not comply i will ask an admin to kick you.

    all the airshows i have done i have found it hard to watch another performer while in your plane. there is a solution called bob. you can get bob for free at

    well that is all so i hope to see you there tonight :tears_of_joy:
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