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WW2 C-47's ONLY (DC-3's ACCEPTABLE) Corsica+Sardinia Tour (Tonight 8pm ET)

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  • WW2 C-47's ONLY (DC-3's ACCEPTABLE) Corsica+Sardinia Tour (Tonight 8pm ET)

    This session is for serious, mature pilots only. All FAA regulations will be followed as in real life.

    --- AIRCRAFT ---
    This flight will require:
    WW2 C-47 aircraft ONLY. (DC-3's acceptable)
    At FLIGHTSIM.COM you will find "" an interesting R4D-8, Navy version of DC-3.

    -- GUIDELINES ---
    These are the requirements for the flight:

    1- DO avoid using foul language. The FAA prohibits it, and children could be listening.
    2- DO make sure only ONE airplane is on the runway at a time. You MAY line up behind an aircraft that is taking off.
    3- DO spawn in at a ramp or gate area in stead of a runway. If unavailable, spawn in the air and land safely and respectfully.
    4- DO fly safely! In keeping with realism as the theme, acrobatics and smoke effects will be forbidden on these flights.
    5- DO use the taxiways. Taxiing on the grass can damage props and the fuselage.
    6- DO take off and land on the runway most headed into the wind. Wind checks and runway guidance will be provided throughout the flight.
    7- DO observe the "250 knots" under 10,000" rule, which means maintain an airspeed of no greater than 250 knots indicated below 10,000 feet MSL.
    8- DO keep a safe distance from all other aircraft at all times (even on the ground). Most participants on these flights WILL HAVE CRASH DETECTION TURNED ON.
    9- DO follow the pattern, runway, and route instructions of the flight leader. You are joining his flight and therefore are asked to respect his rules and instructions.

    Failure to adhere to these DOs of the flight (except #6) will result in ejection from the flight.
    Repeated or intentional offenses may result in further action.

    --- ROUTE ---
    NAVAID information such as VOR and NDB frequencies will be provided throughout the flight for those interested in managing navigation instruments.

    This flight will be starting in Europe at LFKB.

    password will be the airport ICAO of the second stop

    Happy Flying!
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    This flight is tonight at in about 3.5 hours!!


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      sorry it took a while, but here are some screenshots for this flight:


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