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Welcome to MSFlights Airlines!

Posted by Kalo A on 01/21/2020

Join us today and fly ANY passenger aircraft on our routes!

To fly for MSF Airways you will need kACARS (freeware), a program that records and submits your flight data to our server

To get started, follow these instructions:

Montreal Office now open.

Posted by OzFlyer on 10/28/2015

msFlights VA management is looking for new Bush Pilots to fly regional routes out of our Montreal office.

We have 4 routes made up of some 36 legs covering 5900+ nm, Plus connections to Toronto and Boston.

NOTE: Some of the airports have short Grass, Gravel or Sand runways so check the flight planes. This is bush flying country.

Routes Submitted by gellertb97.

As always have fun and safe flying.

Google Earth support.

Posted by OzFlyer on 09/04/2015

Some browser are no longer or will soon disable the Google Earth support which uses the NPAPI plugin.

If you are haveing this problem Fire Fox is still supporting Google Earth.

New International routes

Posted by Oz Flyer David on 08/09/2015

New International routes - update 2.


Route 1 -  Heathrow (EGLL) UK to Tokyo (RJAA) Japan.

Via Moscow (UUDD) Russai, Astana (UACC) Kazakhstan, Ulaanbaatar (ZMUB) Mongolia & Beijing (ZBAA) China.


Route 2 - Changi (WSSS) Singapore to Anchorage (PANC) Alaska.

Via. Bangkok (VTBD) Thailand, Hong Kong (VHHH), Shanghai (ZSPD) China, Tokyo (RJAA) Japan & Yelizovo (UHPP) Russia.


Route 3 - Los Angeles (KLAX) US to Changi (WSSS) Singapore.

Via. South America and Africa.