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Welcome to MSFlights Airlines!

Posted by Kalo A on 01/21/2020

Join us today and fly ANY aircraft on our routes!

*This excludes MILITARY STRIKE CRAFT such as Bombers, and Fighters. Military Cargo and Transport are ok to fly!   

To get started you will need either FsPassengers (payware) or kACARS (freeware). They are both great programs that report your flight data to the Virtual Airline.

Click the following links to setup these programs:

Setting up kACARS

Setting up FsPassengers:

Paris Office now open.

Posted by Oz Flyer David on 12/26/2014

msFlights VA management is looking for new pilots to fly regional routes out of our Paris office.

We have 9 routes made up of some 84 legs covering 6000+ nm

As always have fun and safe flying.